Books of Erik Mombeeck: "In the Skies of France", "Storming the Bombers"


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You may recall that we exchanged mail a while back.  At the time you expressed an interest in my Luftwaffe research projects and I hope that I was able to help your own research.
Now, I am proud to tell you that we are close to launching a major project of mine: publishing an English edition of my two latest Luftwaffe fighter unit histories. These works are entitled "In the Skies of France", a Chronicle of JG 2 (Volume 1) and "Storming the Bombers", a chronicle of the Luftwaffe's fourth fighter wing, JG 4.
JG 2 was considered by many as one of the leading Luftwaffe fighter units in the West, spearheading the Blitzkrieg against France & the Low Countries in 1940. JG 2 pilots were among the leading German fighter aces during the Battle of Britain. JG 2 reinforced its reputation in defending northern France against RAF and later USAAF raids from 1941 as the Allies 'leant into Europe'. Volume 1 covers the rebirth of the Luftwaffe from 1934 until the end of 1940.
JG 4 fought prinicipally in Rumania and Italy during 1943. It was one of only three Luftwaffe fighter Geschwader to deploy an assault or 'storm' Gruppe against the huge USAAF bomber streams that were launched against the Reich. 'Storm' pilots undertook in many instances to bring down bombers by whatever means possible, including ramming as a last resort.
The JG 2 volume is now back from the printers and awaiting publication. It is exceedingly well printed. The JG 4 tome will be ready very soon. We then will ship both volumes in bulk to the USA and the UK in order to keep postal prices as low as possible.
In order to minimise any risk in these uncertain times, please be aware that our print run will be low. This is after all our first experience of self-publishing in English. Our translator is Neil Page, whose work on the two volume history of JG 300 (Eagle Editions) was acclaimed by many enthusiasts.
I feel sure that you will be very interested in these books. If this is indeed the case and you would like more details please drop me an e-mail to reserve your copies.

You can also visit my web-site: .
Wishing you all the very best for 2009, I remain
Yours in friendship,
Erik Mombeeck


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