Hello and looking for a Douglas Boston crash site

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Thanks for such an amzing forum! Wish my italian was sufficient to communicate better :)

Im searching for the crash site of my Grandfathers Douglas Boston. It crashed after a radar directed raid on a power station in the north of Italy, I suspect in the area of Udine. Possibly Centrale Idroelletrica A. Pitter but not confirmed. The plane was hit by tracer fire  at 300m and caught fire crash landing in a field shortly after. The aircraft was either BZ618 or BZ628 (confusion in the records as BZ618 was reported missing 2 days earlier [attack on marshalling yards at Germona] but this is the aircraft noted as in use by my grandfather for the raid) of 114 Squadron.
The Crew were: S/L G. Hampton DFC (pilot), F/Sgt D. Whateley (Navigator/Bomb Aimer My Grandfather),F/S R.WestGarth (Wop/Ag), F/Sgt W.Woakes (Ag). All four survived the crash, two were caught after two days including S/l Hampton. The ther two were caught at some point. My grandfather was helped by the partisans and was sheltered at a farm for some time before eventually being caught but exact deatils are unknown.

Any help on their operating base, target or eventual crash site would be amazing, also any knowledge of what else might have happened! We spend time near Venezia every summer so have passed by the area many times whithout ever knowing we were. We shall be in Italia again this summer and would love to make a visit to the appropriate areas :)

We still have my Grandfathers log book and the squadron record book so have details of many ops in the area around that time if theres any questions I could help with :)

Thanks in advance,

Tom whateley

Hi Tom,
Excuse for my bad English. I’m looking for notices about the night intruders for a long time. It’s very hard to find notices about those planes. I’ve read the operation records book of all night intruders Sqn. I'm working of a complete list of night intruders crash site. In particular, about 114° Sqn, I have the Records of events of February 45 and the summary of events from may to tecember 45. In February the plane is named BZ618 but surely there is a mistake. In the summary of events, pag 8, you can read: “Boston BZ658 missing since take off on the night 26th February 1945 (...) S/L Hampton DFC made a perfect crash landing, now he and his crew Watheley, Westgarth and Woakes are now rimpatriated. I think BZ658 is the correct code. In fact BZ618 is actually missing with his crew and BZ628 was demolished in 1946.
Those are the notice from USAAF serial number production
774 to RAF as Boston V BZ618.  Missing from night intruder mission Feb 23, 1945
784 to RAF as Boston V BZ628.  SOC Jul 25, 1946
814 to RAF as Boston V BZ658.  Missing from night intruder mission Feb 26, 1945

About the target, in ORB you can read “radar bombing of a power station at M3382”. Using “Italian Nothern Grid” with Lambert Coordinates, the same used by Allied during war, the target was at TRESIGALLO, est of Ferrara. I think that plane crashed from Tresigallo to SouthEst. Soon I hope to will give you some notice.

TRESIGALLO is near my house...

I put an abstract from summary of events may/dec 45 of 114°Sqn

"may/dec 45"?


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