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Lt. Oscar HUTTON (100 FS) still MIA in Udine area ?
« il: 05 Dic 2012, 17:57:17 »
Ciao a tutti,

I am interesting in the 332nd FG losses occured on the 18/07/44; especially in the fate of Lt. Wellington IRVING (301 FS) which may have crashed in Bavaria.
But beforehand, I would like to know more about Lt. Oscar D. HUTTON (100 FS) which was also declared MIA returning from Germany on that day. It is said his P-51 was hit by a 'friendly' drop tank and the aircraft crashed somewhere near Udine. Unfortunately I cannot add more and hope one of your successful researchers (I think about my friend Freddy!) may help.

Best regards




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Re: Lt. Oscar HUTTON (100 FS) still MIA in Udine area ?
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Any chance to get the MACR? May be well'have more info about the location of the fighting...

Irving of Belzoni, Miss., graduated from flight training on Dec. 5, 1943, at Tuskegee Army Air Field, Ala. In February 1944 he deployed to Italy with the 301st Fighter Squadron, part of the 332nd Fighter Group.

On July 18, the 332nd Fighter Group was sent to escort bombers to Memmingen in southern Germany. When the 66 P-51 Mustang pilots arrived at the rendezvous point, the bombers they were to meet weren't there. The fighter pilots circled the area; when the bombers were spotted, so was a swarm of 30 enemy planes. More than 20 of the P-51 pilots rushed toward the Messerschmitt 109s to break up the attack.

The bombers and the rest of the fighters continued toward the target. Near Kempten, Germany, about 25 miles from the target, 30 more enemy planes were spotted. Four of them attacked the bombers, and four P-51 pilots, including Irving, responded.

"Approximately half way between the Alps and the target, our lone flight of four dropped back of the bomber formation and enemy aircraft were sighted," 1st Lt. Joseph P. Gomer wrote in a military report. "Lt. Irving and his wingman, Lt. (Stanley L.) Harris, broke away and Lt. (Gene C.) Browne, my wingman, went into attack an enemy aircraft headed at us."

Irving and Browne were later reported missing. Browne was captured and spent the rest of the war at a prisoner of war camp. Irving was not seen again.

"The last time I saw 2nd Lt. Wellington G. Irving was when he was diving on the top of a formation of about 30 FW-190s," Harris wrote in a military report. "I was on his wing, but in the ensuing mixup I never saw him again."

No military records have yet been found to confirm that Irving was awarded a Purple Heart, but Zellie Rainey Orr, the historian for the Atlanta chapter of Tuskegee Airmen Inc., may change that.

Rainey Orr's research was instrumental in the posthumous issuance of medals, including the Purple Heart, in 2004 to Lt. Quitman C. Walker, another Tuskegee Airman and Mississippian who was killed during a strafing mission in Hungary.

Orr says she sees no reason to stop there.

"It's the least we can do for people who gave so much," she said.

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Re: Lt. Oscar HUTTON (100 FS) still MIA in Udine area ?
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Hi Micky,

Will check on Fold3. I have Udine in mind but I may be wrong.

Irving's fate is also mysterious. I am investigating in his case at the moment.


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Re: Lt. Oscar HUTTON (100 FS) still MIA in Udine area ?
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Ciao Nicolas,
I tried to search about Hutton but I couldn't find anything particularly important.
Unfortunately, as it was considered an accident, no MACR had been made and then I do not know where to find information about the crash point.
In my database I only have a P-51 lost on 18 July 1944 but it is an aircraft belonging to the 307th FS 31st FG, pilot F / O L. Brady Edler (POW), crashed in the Alps, near Forni di Sopra, because of engine problems.
I do not know where you found the reference to Udine but remember that the so-called Udine area also included a part of Austria and Eastern Veneto.
It 'really possible that Hutton has had an accident over Italy since the 100th FS was involved in clashes with the 77Jg in the area of Treviso as you'll find in the attached PDF "The Battle of Memmingen"  that, however, makes no mention of Hutton accident.
However, Hutton is not MIA but KIA.


2nd Lt Oscar D Hutton, Jr
Birth:  Aug. 21, 1915     Death: Jul. 18, 1944
Burial: Booker T. Washington Cemetery
Muskogee, Muskogee County, Oklahoma, USA

Luftgaukommando = see attachment

German claims:
18/07/1944   Ltn.  Oskar Romm - 12./JG 3 - P-51 - bei Kempten: 7500m [Bayern] - 10.55
18/07/1944   Ogefr.Alfred Schwarz - 12./JG 3 - P-51 - 3km SE Kempten: tiefflug - 10.50
18/07/1944   Uffz.   Hans Hahn - 3./JG 300 - P-51 - 14 Ost N/EC-FC: 3-4000m [Staffelsee] - 10.50
18/07/1944   Uffz.   Horst Völkert - 1./JG 300 - P-51 - 14 Ost N/EC: 8-9000m [SW München] - 10.43
18/07/1944   Ltn.   Klaus Bretschneider - 5./JG 300 - P-51 - 14 Ost N/FB: 7000m [Raum Füssen] - 10.46
18/07/1944   Ltn.   Kurt Welter - 5./JG 300 P-51 - 14 Ost N/FB: 7000m [Raum Füssen] - 10.47
18/07/1944   Uffz.   Johann Lechner - 4./JG 300 - P-51 - 14 Ost N/EA: 600m [S. Memmingen] - 10.48
18/07/1944   Ltn.   Kurt Welter - 5./JG 300 - P-51 - Raum Schongau: 4500m [Bayern] - 10.55
18/07/1944   Uffz.   Wilhelm Krejci - 6./JG 27 - P-51 - 1km W. Tützing: 2000m [Starnbergsee] - 10.50
18/07/1944   Ltn.   Eduard Mühleise - Stab II. - JG 77 - P-51 - 26 154: tiefflug [Italian Theatre] - 10.02
18/07/1944   Uffz.   Willi Reschke - 1./JG 302 - P-51 - Raum München - 11.10

Note that Ltn. Eduard Mühleise is the sole pilot of a unit based in Italy at that time (77 JG) to claim a P-51 shot down at zero altitude (tiefflug).  The given coordinates are  (14 Ost) 26154 in the Luftwaffe Map Reference System (LUMA) and are equivalent to 45° 53' 3" N  12° 10' 33"E, that is a place near Pieve di Soligo (about 10 Km West of Conegliano Veneto.  
Although we know that Hutton probably crashed due to the collision with a drop tank, however it is possible that, either the German pilot has intercepted and shot down the P-51 while its pilot was trying to make an emergency landing, or he noticed the American aircraft crashing and credited himself with an undeserved victory. However, the fact that there is no reference in the Luftgaukommando reports to a Mustang shot down in Italy, would suggest that there had been really a killing and not a fraud of Ltn. Mühleise.
In fact, if there was no evidence of a real killing by fighters, the anti-aircraft batteries in the area often claimed as their own, even if the plane had crashed due to a fault (I could find many cases).
It 'also interesting to note that even Italian Fighters had been involved in the battle but it seems that no Italian pilot claimed a victory even though, in one of the MACR listed below, in the report on the circumstances of a loss, the witness speaks clearly of a MC 202 (evidently a 205) that was trying to shot down one of the P-51s somewhere over the Alps.

List of P-51 losses for July, 18 1944
42-103947          MACR 7027    332nd Fg  301st Fs    2nd Lt Wellington G Irving at Kempten   
42-103635          MACR 6973    332nd Fg  301st Fs    2nd Lt  Gene C Browne at Kempten       
43-6854              MACR 7067       31st Fg  308th Fs    1st Lt  Charles O Herman  at Grafehachshau
44-13450            MACR 7071       31st Fg  307th Fs    2nd Lt Leo M Walz Near Imst (A)
44-13495            MACR 7118       31st Fg  307th Fs    F/O Brady L Edler at Forni di Sopra (It)
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Re: Lt. Oscar HUTTON (100 FS) still MIA in Udine area ?
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Ciao Freddy,

You made a perfect summary of the day.
In fact, I search to ID a crashsite situated in Oberammergau (Bavaria), where a presumed P-51 crashed on the 18/07/44 ( see on TOCH Wellington IRVING should be my 'best candidate' and I would like to get those 'recovery' reports (I don't know their name) which states two Mustang crashed near Oberammergau (ME 1672 and ME 1670 respectively).

Thank you for your valuable help.

See you one day in Clinaz.




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