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in aria avrei confuso tranquillamente un mc202 o 205 con questo... non dico i Reggiane per via della coda maggiorata .. ma i macchi sicuramente
IL BAR E' APERTO / Re:Hurricane con motore DB601 tedesco Rogozarski LVT 1
« Ultimo post da zeptaja il 14 Gen 2022, 12:29:06 »
Chissà che prestazioni aveva rispetto al motore originale?!  Comunque l'aspetto appare più goffo.
ciao , in questi giorni su facebook sono entrato in un forum dove alla richiesta di info sull'Hurricane oggetto del post un gentile utente mi ha risposto postando una foto di uno Spitfire motorizzato DB.... :-p

ho appena allegato la foto , spero vi faccia piacere... intanto ho chiesto altre info da allegare qui.. inutile aprire un nuovo post...
SALVE, MI PRESENTO / Re:Presentazione
« Ultimo post da Zetag il 12 Gen 2022, 20:59:34 »
Benvenuto David  salutomilitare
SALVE, MI PRESENTO / Re:Presentazione
« Ultimo post da Fabio il 10 Gen 2022, 22:33:10 »
Benvenuto a bordo David  salutomilitare
SALVE, MI PRESENTO / Presentazione
« Ultimo post da davidms il 10 Gen 2022, 15:47:45 »
Buon pomeriggio,
mi presento: mi chiamo David, sono un pilota civile e da qualche tempo ho iniziato ad appassionarmi alla storia aeronautica del mio Friuli in particolare per il periodo della seconda guerra mondiale.
Non sono esperto ma dalla mia posso metterci l'umiltà di imparare e la determinazione.
Un saluto a tutti!
IL BAR E' APERTO / Re:Aggiornamento tecnico del forum
« Ultimo post da lg965 il 23 Dic 2021, 14:49:00 »
-Aggiornamento del forum da 2.0.18 a 2.0.19  necessario alla compatibilità a php8.1. e diversi bugfix

Segnalatemi eventuali anomalie riscontrate. Grazie.
IL BAR E' APERTO / Re:Sciacca (Ag): B-25 abbattuto 10 Luglio 1943
« Ultimo post da Fabio il 22 Dic 2021, 22:08:04 »
Anhringo I agree with you! Too much bogus information from local and national media.

We AdA too, we give certain news.

Thanks, you are great!   salutomilitare
IL BAR E' APERTO / Re:Sciacca (Ag): B-25 abbattuto 10 Luglio 1943
« Ultimo post da Anhringo il 22 Dic 2021, 16:34:28 »
Hi Everyone!

You are correct, this is the aircraft from MACR 342.  My colleagues and I found it a few years ago.

I want to correct a few things here that the Sicilan journalist wrote, however.

The excavation has not been finished. We sent a DPAA team there for a few months, but they left the site to be with their families for Christmas and the New Year holidays.  A separate team made up of archaeology students will return after the holidays to try to finish the site. The site is very large, and the clay makes it very difficult to work in, as you can see in the video on La Repubblica.

The main problem is that all of the media reports say that DPAA found the remains of five men.  This is not true.  Five men are missing from the B-25, and some possible remains were recovered during the excavation, but it does not appear that we found enough to identify all five men. The reporter was never told that we found five men.

I will use this as a reminder to everyone in the forum about the rules that DPAA works under.  While we may tell a family that we have found an excavated their missing man's crash site, we do not tell them that we have "found" their airman until our laboratory informs us of an identification.  We do this for a few reasons, but the best one is to not give a family too much excitement or hope until we are 100% certain.  You would be surprised how often we find bones in or around a crash site to learn from our laboratory that the bones we found were from an animal.

I have spoken with many, many family members of the missing men over my years, and I will say that the worst thing any of us can do is say something to make them very happy and hopeful, only to give them terrible news, later. This is why we wait. I know most of you understand, but I feel the need to remind everyone to please be careful when talking about finding possible human bones, even if you were there when a DPAA team may have found something.  For example, within DPAA, I am not allowed to call anything "human remains." Only someone from the lab can do that, even if I know I am holding a skull.

I realize these are DPAA rules and not AdA or any other Italian group rules, but I hope you understand why do this.  It comes from years of seeing some families be disappointed. In this case, it was a reporter who took the story in the wrong direction, but any of us can make that mistake. I have said too much to families myself, at times.

So, I end by asking that if you are working on crash sites or anything with DPAA that involves MIA Americans, please wait until after an identification of the missing airmen is made before making it public.  After the identification and funeral, say all you want to the news or anyone else, but please wait until after the identification.  It makes my work with the families, the Italian government, and the Carabinieri much more difficult once these things are in newspapers and on TV.

This is not for any specific person, and I will say that AdA has always been very good about this. But, lately, early reports have become too much in Italy and several other countries. This is just a reminder.

Thanks to all of you for your research and always being friendly with me and my colleagues in DC.
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